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5 reasons The Wedding App is better than Whatsapp

Prospects are often comparing The Wedding App to Whatsapp, and here are 5 great reasons why The Wedding App outshines Whatsapp, when it comes to your upcoming wedding

1. Information is never repeated

How many times have you been part of Whatsapp groups where the admin keeps pasting the same information over & over again, just because some new users have been added to a wedding group? We feel your pain. That's why The Wedding App separates updates from the group chats by having distinct sections about Itinerary, important information, emergency contacts, notifications and a help desk. This way, new group joinees don't have to ask the same questions again and again. This saves us all a lot of distraction and helps us continue with our lives uninterruptedly

2. Stay less distracted - De-clutter Whatsapp from time bound groups

We use Whatsapp for work, family, friends and everything else. The last thing we want is getting bombarded on Whatsapp by dozens of unknown guests @ 10 messages a minute - disrupting our life completely! Which is why The Wedding App comes with in-app chat - segregating your wedding commitments with your everyday life. All Wedding related chats are within the Wedding App and you always have the option of turning off notifications. A clear win-win

3. Save your phone memory from overload

We all know that 'ace photographer' uncle who will take 500 photographs at the wedding and suddenly bombard the group with 30 images/videos at a time. All we see is a blurred preview of these media, and are left with no choice but to download the file in order to view it. Imagine this same process getting repeated for multiple wedding groups you are part of during any season. Soon you realise your phone has drastically slowed down, and then you begin your pursuit of deleting irrelevant media.

With the wedding app, you do not need to save the images/videos to view them. Simply go on the gallery, tap on images or videos you like, and only if you want you can save the same. This saves your phone memory and your life

4. Know who all are part of the Wedding Group

Don't want your guests to read "98304$*(@*# said "please contact me for any help"? Opt for The Wedding App, where you can clearly see list of invitees from both the bride and groom side before you begin the chat. Even within a group chat stay informed about who is posting updates and how are they related to bride/groom

5. Keep your wedding photos, videos and memories in an organised way

Whatsapp doesn't allow you to neatly organise images/videos into folders. But The Wedding App makes it possible to create unlimited folders having a combination of both photos and videos. This way the OCD in us is controlled!



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