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Smart Wedding Gift Ideas That The Couple Will Love

What makes finding a unique wedding gift difficult is the fact that there will be so many

other gifts that the couple will receive! So if you are planning to gift something like a

blender or a crockery set, it will most probably get forwarded and forgotten.

Here are some wedding gift ideas that will be appreciated and also utilised:

1. Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera:

As it instantly turns moments into memories, this will act as the couple’s best friend on their honeymoon. It has the nostalgic feel of the old cameras and the result of the modern cameras – you can easily upload the photos on a computer and your social media platforms. Available in bright, chic colours, this is currently one of the trendiest wedding gifts.

2. Personalised gifts:

The couple will definitely thank you for passport covers inscribed with the names of the bride and groom. Besides its utility, it is looked at as an accessory that is cool to carry. You can also go for a doormat or a nameplate with their surname and wedding date.

3. Essential oils:

This is one of those smart wedding gifts that will come to your rescue if you don’t know the couple too well. The aroma and benefits of tea tree, jasmine and lavender oil will be cherished by the couple for long. Yeah, maybe the groom won’t understand the value of this gift, but trust the bride to explain it to him!

4. Travel bags:

This is a really smart wedding gift as it will be used by anyone and everyone. A wedding gift with max utility, nice trolley bags seem thoughtful and will help the couple remember you every time they go on a trip.

5. Gadgets:

If the couple enjoys partying or watching movies, you can gift them a nice speaker that adds bass to their entertainment experience. The common wedding gift of ‘couple watches’ has evolved to ‘couple smart watches’, but this might get expensive if you are going for a reputed brand.

6. Gift card:

What better gift than the gift of freedom to buy what they really want! This is the ‘lifafa’ in the times of internet, but also a lot better. A gift card is a super smart wedding gift that allows the couple to finally empty their carts on e-commerce websites. If you can’t think of anything that the couple needs, don’t complicate things and simply go for a gift card.

7. Linens:

Linen bed sheets go a long way if you want to give an elegant wedding gift. You can choose from ethnic, modern or abstract themes, depending on the couple’s taste and style.

8. Artworks:

An artwork or a painting is not just a ‘showpiece’. It arouses emotions and can affect the environment of the room it is hung in. The right artwork will lift up the ambience of any room. Choose one with calming colours.

Other than your budget and the style of gift you think the couple will like, you also need to analyse the kind of bond you have with the couple. Once these factors are clear, you can easily pick a wedding gift idea from the above list.



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