• The Wedding App

Why should you opt for a Wedding App?

Benefits of using a Wedding App - For Bride, Groom and Family

Let us start by congratulating you for the upcoming wedding! We are sure you have lots to do, and we will straight away get to the point.

The Wedding App promises to make your life much simpler while planning the big days ahead. From sending invites, to sending thank you notes - we have it all covered. Here is a quick list on why you should consider using The Wedding App

1. Invite, Receive RSVP's and Connect with all wedding guests, without any effort

The Wedding App allows you to add all the guests (from bride & groom side) either using a spreadsheet, or manual entry. It helps you identify each guest from bride or groom side, and also specifies how the guest is related to the wedding party. 

Once guests are added, an invite can be sent to all guests via SMS (currently in India only) and bulk email. Each of the guests will receive a personalised mail informing them about the wedding dates, functions and a link to RSVP

Once a user taps on the RSVP Link - he/she goes to the invite page, where he/she can RSVP to the events

Guests can revert to which functions are they attending, and how many additional guests will they bring along - thereby giving you an accurate count for the venues.

2. Keep your guests informed at all times

One big stress factor that exists in weddings (specially destination weddings)  - is the problem of instant communication with everyone. The Wedding App provides 2 tools through which everyone can be kept abreast about updates

a. Instant notifications - These can be sent from the admin's account on the app instantly to individual, groups or all the guests. Notifications can also be scheduled

b. Posts on the Buzz (News Feed page) - We have created a Wedding Buzz page that allows all guests to post and view updates, images and videos - as well as like, comment and share

Besides this - we also have an SMS Blast (Currently available in India only) and Email Blast tool - that can be used to communicate important information

3. Share memories seamlessly Let's admit it - the purpose of a wedding is to create memories. And we all want everything instantly. Which is why we

a. Create a folder in gallery section for all guest uploaded content - This helps retain guests captured images/videos and keeps them in an organised way

b. Allow unlimited media to be uploaded from admin - We all want those professionally shot photographs, photo booth shots, and candid photos to be shared with us instantly. Using the Wedding App, the professional photographer can easily upload content, while you can add fun captions and allow everyone to save/share these memories

4. Allow guests to mingle - much before and much after the wedding We are yet to meet someone who says they didn't have fun at a wedding! Which is why with The Wedding App, we help you extend the fun and excitement well beyond those 3 days! We do this

a. By showing guest profiles - The app smartly sorts Bride and Groom side guests, and also informs how each guest is related to the bride and groom.

b. By allowing 1-1 or group chats - The Wedding App let's guests initiate 1-1 or group chats - this helps declutter existing tools like Whatsapp, and keeps everything relevant to the wedding

5. Reduce the chaos, and increase the fun

Rather than sending the same invite multiple times, The Wedding App allows you to add all functions in the "Itinerary" section. Here you can showcase each function, with venue, date and time - we also make it easier for guests to locate the function by adding a Google Map link

The hosts/planners can create relevant chat threads within the Chat section, and allow the necessary guests to be part of the conversation

Any last minute announcements can easily be conveyed via push notifications, messages and instant mails.



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